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        Address:Dunhua City, Jilin Province Economic Development Zone
        Kohei 6th Avenue



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        Main products
        Grade A Row Material Hardcover

        High qulified flower nursery, can partly replace imported peat


        Minimum order:1000m3
        Organic matter:over 60%
        Ash content:over 50%
        Fiber content:lower 50%
        Available time:2017-08

        Product Details

        Advantages of the film peat

        First, fully supply crop with nutrients needed for growth. Fertilizers have high nutient content, fertilizer fast and short duration, but usually just a single nutrient; the agricultural organic hypertrophy mostly complete fertilizer, but the low nutrient content, fertilizer slow and long duration. Therefore, fertilizer organic fertilizer mixed with agricultural administration may combine advantages of both.


        Second, it can reduce nutrient fixed, improve efficiency. After the fertilizer, some nutrients will be absorbed or fixed to the soil, thereby reducing the availability of nutrients. When mixed with manure, it can reduce the contact surface of fertilizer and soil, thus reducing soil opportunity to be fixed.


        Third, we can build security, reduce losses and improve crop nutrient absorption. Fertilizer solubility is too high which may cause high osmotic pressure to the soil, the impact of nutrient and water uptake by plants, which increases the chance of nutrient loss. If mix fertilizer and manure, this malady can be avoided.


        Fourth, it can adjust the soil PH, soil structure. Manure is the raw material of microbial life, growth and development of microbial fertilizer supply inorganic nutrients, mix the two will be able to promote microbial activity, thus contributing to the decomposition of organic fertilizer.


        With the improvement of agricultural production, the development of green food production, the demand for agricultural land for manure becomes more urgent. Fertilizer is not a substitute for manure fertilizer. in the past, single application of fertilizer caused shallow topsoil, not only drought, fertilizer burn seedlings, no stamina, and fertilizer nutrients are too single, therefore, crops do not taste good, and the quality of agriculture products grow on the black earth were reduced. Therefore, to restore and maintain soil fertility of black soil, organic fertilizers must be applied.


        Valuable resources and rural dung are various precious organic resources for farmland. We should use these materials scientifically and reasonably, make better organic fertilizer to produce more and better agricultural products.Product made of organic fertilizer, livestock manure is in organic matter in the large population of beneficial microbes, broken down by the beneficial microorganisms, transform manure and organic matter, so that it becomes available crop nutrient absorption and utilization. The main technical measures is to adjust the percentage of Carbon and Nitrogen. Microbial nutrients need energy including more carbon, and followed by a nitrogen-containing organic compounds. Therefore, agricultural fertilizer fermented fertilizer raw materials should be adjusted to make suitable carbon and nitrogen ratio. In general, the carbon and nitrogen ratio is adjusted to 25-35: 1, in practice, it is generally set at 30: 1, that is made of a nitrogen fertilizer feedstock must be 30 parts per carbon.

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