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        Welcome to visit our website!

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        About Us
        Address:Dunhua City, Jilin Province Economic Development Zone
        Kohei 6th Avenue



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        Dunhua City Jixiang Peat Development Co., Ltd.

            This company locates in Dunhua city which is a  Millennium city at the foot of Changbai Mountain Jilin Province. The headquartered of the company was founded in 1998 in the Economic Development Zone in Dunhua City, mainly engaged in research and peat mining industry. The company operates business in 15 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) , has import and export authorities, and a large number of exports to South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

            In the past 17 years, seized the historical opportunity of China's reform and opening up policy and rapic economic development, the company grew fast and adhere to customer-centered, self-reliance based, continuous innovation based on customer needs, and have won the respect and trust of customers. The company grew from a private enterprise with only 500,000 RMB initial caplital to a few independent owned exploration including development, peat utilization and research center. The annual sales reached 20 million RMB in 2014. 

           Now, we have two patents, four well-known trademark brands in aspects of peat development. More than 10 kinds of products with our own brands - brand nursery nutrition block "Ao beads", beads Ao brand nursery nutrient medium, auspicious brand quality peat, peat auspicious card factory nursery have been sold and used in more than 17 provinces 170 counties and regions all over the country.

        National specializes in peat extraction development of large enterprises
        Large scale: total deposit of nearly 200 hectares, reserves of more than 4 million cubic meters of mechanized mining and processing.
         Strength: get the formal legal mining permits which are limited in the country, two mining permits, under the seven branch offices, sales network throughout 16 provinces. Import and export rights to self-declaration. ISO quality certification environmental certification.
        More professional: member of the International IPS companies, China National Committee for the International Peat Society Association, China Association of humic acid, peat Jilin Province Association executive director, peat standards development committee members represent business. From the primary materials of various levels of the nursery matrix, organic fertilizer, nursery block more than 10 kinds of products to meet different customer needs.

        The company's development plan over the next decade 

        Take advantage of the new mining technologies actively, invest more in research and development of new products with high valued peat and peat enhanced value, create greater economic benefits.

        Excellent resources to invest actively overseas. Get high-grade peat mining, and guaranteed good quality products. Production of qualified peat products and expand production to meet the domestic demand of high-end customers.

        Seek strong partners, common development and achieve win-win situation.

        As a supplier of high qualified raw materials peat, we offer competitive raw materials and products for the domestic large-scale afforestation projects, enterprises and farmers, to help customers succeed in the promotion of products and applications. We adhere to brand management strategy, peat raw material grading, finishing, ongoing new peat product research and development in areas such as investment. Our annual sales income will increase more than 10% of the investment in branding promotion. To become the leader of the peat industry in China, we always set our goal at the customer demand for innovation, and keep in the forefront of the industry/span>


        Business philosophy:
        Honesty, Hard work, Performance, Harmony, Responsibility

        Service philosophy:
        Creative and customer-centered service awlays!

        Companies' Views:


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        咨詢電話:0433-6241344 ,04336346777  手機:13944727911.13944375689 聯系QQ:36272964
        地址:吉林省敦化市經濟開發區康平大街6號  郵政編碼:133700  郵箱:CLA4198@VIP.163.COM

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